Saturday, February 15, 2014

Good Intentions

  Good Intentions        

          I’ve often wondered if it matters that we attempted to do the right thing, when events later turn out in the wrong.  Like a person who tries to rescue someone who isn’t even drowning, and one of the other of them gets hurt in the process.  I can see metaphors like that in my mind quite clearly.  The lap of the blue water on a rocky beach.  Sighting someone with an arm upraised and waving as their head sinks below the water.  Running across the beach, leaping out into the water, and furiously stroking your way towards them.  Not caring that your foot was cut on a sharp rock or that your blood is leaking out behind you and the salt stings it with every stroke.  Arriving where you last saw the person to see that they are perfectly fine.  Your blood pooling in a circle around you and death drawing closer.

            Good intentions can be just as dangerous as bad ones.

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