Thursday, February 13, 2014

Attempting a Terza Rima

I took an advanced poetry class a couple years ago, and this was my attempt at a terza rima.  Enjoy, and, as always, please provide feedback!

Familial Bonds

Once I ran away, quick steps fled
I down shining, bright streets of silver.
Each footfall sounded, with glee they landed.

Crying out freedom, my body aquiver,
I flexed my muscles, feeling their weight
Stretch through me with unrestrained, fierce power.

My breath came fast, constricting my legs’ gait.
Causing my legs to burn, a deep, slow burn.
A seeping, languid engulfment to sate

My need.  To escape the hustle and churn,
A life constricted by guardians’ pleasure.
Strapped in so tightly, I could only but yearn

For the unrestrained freedom of an hour.
An hour I have obtained through stealth and wit,
Through cunning and mischievous acts demure

Enough to lower their guard, escape and skip
Out of the prison they call home, and fly
Into wilderness where none will say, “Be still.”

Civilization where children don’t cry.

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